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OUr MonsTA fiRED travELLiNg pizZA kitcHeN hAS BeeN fEEdiNg hunGry tUmmiEs aND hunGry miNDs iN aND aroUND LoNDoN sinCE 2017

He's movED tO CoRnwAll nOW, whERE HE buMPeD iNtO a loNG loST coUsiN... The SEa MonsTA


CoMe and meEt tHem at ouR poP-uP REstAURAnT, THe SEa MonsTA 

RetorriCK MiLL, MAwgaN PoRTh

boOK restAUrant 

boOK aCcomOdatiON

at Retorrick MiLL

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